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About Us

Finding Talent

Finding our purpose and passion has been the fuel for Bluelattis Groups success.  And so has been our clear focus on the three pillars of our business – our clients, our candidate pool and the Bluelattis Group's vision.  We are continually looking to elevate our offerings so that we can be long-term career advisors to candidates as they progress professionally, and dedicated talent partners who provide customized solutions to clients as their organizations evolve.  We invest in our clients vision as best practices, in process and client research keeping us at the top of our games so we can provide the best service possible.

Our process

Our specialty is working toward alignng the best candidate to a unigue business solution for our clients.  This enables us to push you farther ahead and to move ahead in the world of recruitment within the Sales Executive sector, ensuring your success with an organization that will flourish just by having you work with them.  We take into account what the unique details are, for each and every inquiry that comes to us.  Each time we get an opportunity to match a candidate to a new job role, you can be sure that the most appropriate candidate will be filling those shoes.  No two placements are the same, just as no two companies are the same.

Why choose our services

Bluelattis focuses exclusively in providing strategic resourcing solutions to enterprise customers with in the Information Technology field. Bluelattis also offers staffing placement for companies in the Software, Telecommunications, and Cloud industries.  We understand the unique requirements from sales growth to product launch. Our Executive Recruiters are immersed in the ever changing technology industry trends and have built a nationwide network of talent relationships within high-demand technology positions. 

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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